One of the (numerous) good things about this trip to Orlando has been seeing old friends, including Bob Creson, the President of Wycliffe USA. I first met Bob when he was teaching on our Africa Orientation Course in early 1988 and over the years we have bumped into each other in various places and doing various roles. He is one of the people I look up to (quite literally – as you can see from the photo) in our organisation as a mentor and ‘elder brother’ as well as a good friend. It’s encouraging to know that as I get to grips with what it means to direct a Wycliffe Organisation, there is a friend like Bob that I can turn to for advice and encouragement.

This photograph was taken on Bob’s iphone and loaded directly into Facebook and I’m surprised that my face is not bright green with digital envy! (The photo was taken by fellow blogger, Ruth, who works with Bob).

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Eddie – Have you read the book BLOG by Hugh Hewitt, Publisher Nelson Books. On the cover is written, “Why you must know how the blogosphere is smashing the old media monopoly and giving individuals power in the marketplace of ideas. ”
Cheers, Maralyn Killorn

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