Spending an afternoon with the chairman of your International Board, may not be everyone’s idea of a good way to spend a Saturday. Fortunately, the chair of our board was a friend before he and I were in our current job roles and what’s more he is a rugby fan. So when Roger asked me […]


About ten years ago, I was asked to serve on an interenational study group in our organisation that was looking at how to improve some aspects of our finance functions. At the time, I was extremely impressed with Doyle Peterson who chaired the comission; leading the disucssions and helping a disparate group reach conclusions. Since […]


One of the (numerous) good things about this trip to Orlando has been seeing old friends, including Bob Creson, the President of Wycliffe USA. I first met Bob when he was teaching on our Africa Orientation Course in early 1988 and over the years we have bumped into each other in various places and doing […]

Being Real

One of the nice things about my new job is that I have a personal assistant to keep me organised – this is even better than it sounds because my PA is Laura who is fun to work with, but also encouraging and inspiring to be around. Actually, I find that with the whole team […]