Spending an afternoon with the chairman of your International Board, may not be everyone’s idea of a good way to spend a Saturday. Fortunately, the chair of our board was a friend before he and I were in our current job roles and what’s more he is a rugby fan. So when Roger asked me if I wanted to spend an afternoon at Twickenham watching a couple of club rugby games, I hesitated for all of two seconds before answering in the affirmative.

It was good, too, to catch a few minutes with Phil and Tany in the car park and get up to date with things in Southampton. Phil’s report on the games can be found here. I was actually only a few feet from Phil and Tany on the train to Twickenham, but it was so crowded with rugby fans that I couldn’t make contact and Phil didn’t seem to know how to answer text messages on his new phone!

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