About ten years ago, I was asked to serve on an interenational study group in our organisation that was looking at how to improve some aspects of our finance functions. At the time, I was extremely impressed with Doyle Peterson who chaired the comission; leading the disucssions and helping a disparate group reach conclusions.

Since that first meeting, I’ve had numerous opportunities to work with Doyle on four continents and he has become a great friend as well as a source of advice, ideas and wisdom.

Over the years, we’ve sat in mission houses and restaurants in lots of countries chatting out our families and sharing about how difficult it is to be away from home for extended periods. During that time, I’ve come to know Doyle’s family pretty well, albeit without ever meeting them.

So, it was a great privilege that on my visit to our Canadian headquarters I was able to stay with the Peterson family for five days.  For those of use who spend a lot of time travelling and at meetings in different places, it is a blessing to see friends and colleagues in their ‘natural habitat’.

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