Tongue Tied

I’m sitting through three days of meetings, planning for Bible translation in Burkina Faso. There are five or six different organisations who are involved in translation and mission work all sitting round a table in a (thankfully, air conditioned) small room. The majority of people are Burkinabe and the meeting is being held in French.

After not speaking a lot of French over the last few years, it’s been a challenge to follow and stay involved over the length of the meetings. All the more so, because I’ve been leading some of the discussions as well as leading the morning devotions. For the devotions, I prepare and write up my notes in English and then speak in French. Though, my handwriting is so bad, I may as well have written my notes in hieroglyphics.

Language issues apart, these meetings are really exciting. It is good to see people from all of these different organisations working together to bring God’s word to Burkina. Mind you, it’s not only the English speakers who sometimes struggle to stay engaged!

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