One of the things which I often end up doing at international meetings is translating talks from French into English (and sometimes vice-versa). Simultaneous translation is the intellectual equivalent of adventure sports. You never know what will come next and whether you will be able to understand what is being said, much less translate it. It’s the ideal sport for a middle aged adrenalin junkie!

The video is me translating as the leader of a Bible translation organisation from Burkina Faso gives a talk on Joshua.

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3 replies on “Translating”

Is it more or less difficult to get “Easter Bingo” in when you’re translating?

Hope the tooth’s calmed down.

Quite nostalgic to hear French spoken with a burkinabe accent again! I’m wondering who you are translating for – do you have folks from Anglophone not just Francophone countries there?

There are people here from across West Africa as well as the odd Brit who doesn’t speak French. Easter Bingo, Phil? I don’t know what you mean!

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