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Growing churches

I have a Google news alert set for Ivory Coast, so every time it gets a mention in the news somewhere I get an email giving me the link. More often than not it is an article mentioning one of the many Ivorian footballers who play for teams in the Premiership or in Europe; sometimes it is an article about the political situation in Ivory Coast and just occasionally it is an article on religion, like this one. With many churches dwindling in numbers in the West it is easy to forget how fast the church is growing in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Hi Eddie, interesting article. Made me wonder: do most African Christians see themselves as part of a “western” denomination (Methodist, Anglican, Baptist etc)? At a time when lots of people in the west are reconsidering all this, are African Christians currently happy with the “old” ways of doing things?

Hiya Chris! My observation would be that denominationalism is as much of a problem in Africa as it is in the west. This is exacerbated by the numerous small protestant missions each of which planted their own denomination (often saying that all others were not real Christians). That being said, when African Christians gather to consider God’s mission, the denominational barriers break down. I wrote a little about this with relation to Bible translation a while ago

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