Preaching…. Sort of!

I gave a sermon to a large, multicultural audience composed of Bible translation leaders from all over the world. And though I say it myself, it was a great sermon, but I can’t take any credit for it as I was the interpreter not the preacher.

Daniel Bourdanne from IFES was our guest speaker and gave an excellent talk on the signs of the times from Matthew 16:1-4. It was an interesting passage to interpret for because in French it is possible to make a pun on the sign of the times (la signe du temps) and the sign of the weather (la signe du temps). It was sometimes very difficult to think through the French wordplay and have it make sense in English – I hope I did ok.

We have an amazing worship group leading our sessions. Having a guy from Burkina Faso and a Malaysian Chinese woman dancing and leading us in a Swahili song with a superb band backing them was sublime.

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