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Old Friends

myles.jpgMy friend Myles is a very talented chap. Sue and I first met Myles and his wife Janet almost twenty years ago when we were all setting out in our careers in Africa and taking part in an orientation course to African life. Since then Myles has lived and worked in Central Africa, gained a PhD in linguistics and (for the last four years) been head of the translation department at FATEAC.

Over the years Myles and I have bumped into one another on and off at different conferences and such and we’ve managed to maintain a friendship despite rarely being in the same country. One of the good things about working on the new agreement at FATEAC is that it means that Myles and I get to work together for a short time. Being both sensible types we decided that one of our work days should be on the beach – but the problem with beach restaurants is that the sun and wind and food make you a bit sleepy. Sorry for the pic Myles!

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