I’m spending this week in Nairobi, listening in to a series of meetings about planning for Bible translation in Africa. In previous years and in a different job, I was very involved in helping to lead these meetings but this week, I’m a visitor from outside listening in to see what we might be able to do as the African leadership look to move forward. It is exciting to see all that God is doing across Africa, but it is challenging trying to figure out how finance, training and people can be made available in the right place and at the right time.

It’s good to be back with former colleagues and to catch up with friends and also to make new acquaintances such as Tessa, a wonderful golden Labrador.


Tessa lives with my friends Joel and Barbara who have looked after me royally, while I’ve discussed dog biscuits and played fetch with Tessa. Nairobi has very bad traffic and bits of the city can be very polluted, but around Joel and Barbara’s place, it isn’t too bad and evening walks are rather nice. Though the security situation is such that you wouldn’t want to be out too much after dark. I loved the sight of the full moon behind this futuristic building. I haven’t a clue what the building is though.

Moon and building

I had some trouble with my computer when I first got here and it would only send or receive email if I jumped through a number of hoops (involving using a VPN if you are interested). I was very impressed when I logged onto a website and one of the IT staff in the office at Horsleys Green took control of my laptop in Nairobi and fixed it.

While I’ve been here, I’ve read Conn Iggulden’s Genghis Kahn books; Wolf of the Plains and Lords of the Bow. They are great stories and would make good holiday or travel reading or (as in my case) would be ideal for an insomniac.

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