How Can They Believe That?

According to the Daily Telegraph (so it must be true!) more people in Britain believe in aliens, ghosts and UFOs than believe in God (story here). Now it is very easy to mock this and to wonder how people can believe such crazy stuff. However, before doing so, Christians should remember that the virgin birth, ressurection, miracles, firey furnace and Noah’s ark are just as incredible to the British public as aliens and what-have-you. For most people, the story of the Bible is at best a childhood fable and at worst barking mad. As we engage on mission in this culture, we need to realise that we start off with as much credibility as believers in crop-circles. It is up to us to gain credibility by the quality of our lives and the rationality of our defence of our convictions. We can’t assume that we start off being viewed positively.

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Now wait a minute – before we start comparing belief in ghosts with believe in the resurrection, remember that the statistic was about belief in God. In other words, it’s not that people don’t accept the theological biblical basics, they don’t believe in any god of any type – be it the Muslim Allah or just a vague supreme being.

I read another article about this lately, from the USA I think. How many of the people furthest from “religion” seem to be more superstitious.

I once heard that in ancient times the Truth of God chased away the superstitions hiding in the shadows of culture. Perhaps we are losing the truth, and the superstitions are returning…

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