NLT Sequential Daily Readings

The nice people at Tyndale have just sent me a copy of the NLT, One Year Chronological Bible. As regular readers of this blog will know, the New Living Translation has long been my favourite Bible for devotional reading, so I’m already half sold on this book before I start.

My initial impressions are favourable. The Bible is small and chunky: shaped a bit like a desktop calendar.  It will pack easily into a briefcase or backpack, which for my lifestyle is very useful.

The text lays out the Bible story chronologically, with a lengthy passage to read every day. Not everyone likes seeing the normal ordering of Bible passages changed, and there is plenty of room for disputing what order some things should go in anyway. However, for the non-specialist (the majority of the Christian church) this is a good way of getting an overview of how the narrative of Scripture works out.

Each day has one particular verse highlighted to grab your attention. I’m not so sure that I’m keen on this – I’d rather let the Holy Spirit grab my attention. Then again, my mind does wander when I read the Bible, so this might help.

The months of the year are distinguished by woodcut engravings of historic Christian symbols which are explained at the start of the book. Again, this may be to the taste of some, but I can take it or leave it.

This edition does avoid one of my particular bugbears in that the words of Jesus are not highlighted in red.

Of course, it would take a year of study to get through the whole book and make comments, so these are just preliminary remarks.  However, this little book has inspired me to read it through on a daily basis next year – I don’t think you could ask for more. If I fail to keep up, it won’t be the book’s fault!

This version doesn’t yet seem to be available in the UK, but you can see it on the Tyndale website here.

Thanks to Stephanie for pointing out that it is, indeed, available from Amazon in the UK – find it here.

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Just to let you know – it is available in the UK – just found it on… and ordered one!

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