Every Man’s Bible

Men face different challenges than women do, and it is important for men to have a deep understanding of the Holy Scriptures. So the features and notes of this edition were written specifically for men. God created men and women with different strengths and different roles. Our desire in presenting the Every Man’s Bible is […]

What’s in a Word?

Yesterday in Church, the reader was reading from the NIV and I was following the reading in the NLT on my phone. One little word change between the two, really made me sit up and pay attention. In the NIV Luke 1:44 reads: As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the […]

Life Application Bible Studies: John

Tyndale have produced an interesting set of Bible Study notes based on the New Living Translation and I’ve been casting my eye over the volume for the Gospel of John. As far as I can tell, these guides are not yet available in the UK, but you can order them from the Tyndale Website. These […]

NLT Sequential Daily Readings

The nice people at Tyndale have just sent me a copy of the NLT, One Year Chronological Bible. As regular readers of this blog will know, the New Living Translation has long been my favourite Bible for devotional reading, so I’m already half sold on this book before I start. My initial impressions are favourable. […]

NLT Study Bible

I’ve been rather slow at getting down to write a review of the NLT study Bible and quite a few people have already beaten me to it. You can see a summary of other reviews here. Let’s start at the most basic level, this is a considerable book. You are not going to want to […]

More on the New Living Translation

David Couchman has just posted an interesting article on his reasons for using the NLT: People get incredibly heated about which Bible translation to use. I’ve met people who honestly seem to be more concerned about this than they are about the doctrine of the atonement. I’ve come across people in church who (I think) […]