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Christians are Social Pariahs

The importance of the agnosti-bus campaign in getting discussions about faith and belief into public debate is highlighted by an article in the Telegraph. The article refers to an interview with Jeremy Vine in the Anglican group reform. Vine is a prominent broadcaster in the UK, with a daily, two hour music and interview show on BBC national radio. He argues that it is no longer possible to talk openly about issues of faith and belief in that context.

“One of the things that I think, which may sound bizarre, is that Christ is who he said he was.

“I don’t think I’d put that out on my show; I suppose there’s a bit of a firewall between thinking that and doing the job I do.” (read more)

I always find Jeremy Vine to be a sensitive interviewer, he doesn’t impose his own view, but he draws out the views of the interviewee and challenges them when they are inconsistent. However, the fact that he feels that he cannot mention that he believes ‘Christ is who he said he was’ is concerning. Should Vine be more overt in the way he talks about his faith, or is that not his job? What do you think?

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It’s up to him I guess. He knows the job he is in, the chances of staying in that job if he is too overt with his views. He also knows what God has asked him to do about this. My view is your asking the wrong question here.

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