Spiritual but not Religious

The BBC Website has a very interesting interview with Mark Berry in the magazine section. Mark isn’t all that pleased with it as you can read here. On balance, I think it is a positive article, though the last paragraph doesn’t really fit with what the writer is saying, which is a bit odd.

While church numbers have been falling for years, these days the trend is for spirituality with no links to organised religion. Now the Church is on a mission to convert the so-called spiritual-but-not-religious, reports Jolyon Jenkins.

At the Mind Body Spirit Fair, held in Telford last autumn, you could consult a clairvoyant, purchase psychic healing, or stock up on healing crystals. You could also, if you wanted, talk to Mark Berry.

Mark is a Christian missionary – although he doesn’t like the word much – to Telford, sent there by the Church of England and the Church Mission Society, because Telford has one of the lowest church-going populations in Britain. He’s set up a small church, with about a dozen members, which meets in his small house on a modern estate. (read more)

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