Bamunka Literacy

Monday 9 February 2009

I’m sitting in the Blackwells’ house sipping tea beside Jon, Sandra and Daniel. The Bamunka library is growing.  Along with Bambalang, a big book of the Christmas Story was distributed in churches last December. The prototypes for this book were prepared in a workshop last
August when the Wycliffe UK Transform team was here and helping at a literacy workshop.

Daniel and Margaret have been teaching a Pre Reading Class which we visited yesterday afternoon. Three ladies who have had no education whatsoever were enjoying their first steps to reading their own language. Yesterday they were on Lesson 12: reading aloud along with Margaret identifying symbols in their booklets; practising the early stages of writing on chalk boards. At the end of the session one lady proudly showed us her name that she had written.

This morning Sandra and Daniel started by discussing corrections in the draft First Reading Primer which Daniel and Margaret will use when their class has finished the Pre Reading Class in a few weeks time.

Now Jon has joined in as they discuss proposals for how certain sounds will be written down. For example initial research suggested sounds that would be represented by gb and kp. Now they are thinking that most people actually say gw and kw and as a result the alphabet can probablybe simplified. I’ve tried a few video clips which may well appear on the Wycliffe website in the future.

Now they are looking at the work that Daniel has done in translating a booklet on bee-keeping from English into Bamunka.
Later this morning we will travel to Bambalang to plan for the Literacy Training Course with Dan and Melody Grove, the Ndop Team leaders.

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