Eddie and Sue Arthur

Seeing With Fresh Eyes

Sue and I have been members of Wycliffe for over twenty years now and we are so familiar with the organisation that it is hard to imagine how it must appear to those who don’t know it so well. It is fascinating to see how our good friend Phil, who has recently come to work with us sees things:

It’s not completely straightforward expressing everything that takes place through this organization. Wycliffe is a strange beast, made up of members and associates, partners and supporters, each with their own vital part to play in the overall mission.

I guess it’s no secret that Wycliffe is about bible translation, although, I’m not sure as many Christians know about what we do as should. However, what often gets overlooked are the huge benefits to a community who have information in their own language.

Today I was reading a letter from a couple who have just made a visit back to the village they were based in for many years when working on a bible translation project. They were reflecting on the huge changes that having a written language has made to the community. Aside from the growing church, the children are healthy and clean, there’s a school in the village and a sense of pride in the community. (read more).

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