England and The US: Thoughts of a Foreigner

Carl Medearis has just posted an excellent little peace comparing the state of the church in the US and England and also reflecting on the nomadic life of a missionary.

About 5% of people in the United Kingdom would say they believe in Jesus as the way and do something about it. Nearly 40% of Americans would say the same. But I’m not sure there’s any substantial difference between the two places. America is far more “Christian” in culture but we are losing the same battles that they are – and at the same pace…

…In England, the church (the real body of Christ there) knows it is light in a dark place. I’m not sure the church here does. We’re still hoping to get back to the good-ole-days when things were even more “Christian.” But we’re already more “Christian” and that isn’t doing it. Are we being fooled by that word? Whether someone calls themselves “Christian” or a “nothing” does it really matter if they aren’t actually following Jesus? (Read more).

By the way, Carl is an American who spends a lot of timeĀ  in the UK. What do you think about his thoughts?

HT Dave Keen.

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I lived in England for 3 years & Kenya for 5 years (and the rest of my almost-50 years in the States). Kenya is WAY more Christian than the US, in many ways, and yet corruption is about 500% more than in the States.

My theory is that each culture has its sins. All cultures need redemption by Jesus.

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