Work Life Balance

A few weeks ago I was asked to teach a session on Time Management on the Learning to Serve course here in Southampton. This was a bit of a joke given how much I struggle with time management myself, however the session seemed to go well and I was congratulated for being the only person ever to talk on time management and to actually finish on time!

Over the last week or so, I’ve been struggling with the issue in a practical way. I’ve taken a few days off work to do some decorating around the house. This is a frustrationg because I’m a rotten decorator – to put it mildly. I spend ages doing something which I find intrinsically unpleasent and end up doing a rotten job. However, the real frustration has been that while I’ve been decorating, emails have arrived on my computer and there is a pile of books which I need to read sitting on my desk grinning at me. If I didn’t work at home, I could ignore the work distractions, but because I work from home I can’t get away from it. The fact that I’d far rather be working than decorating makes it all the more difficult. There is nothing profound here, but it is a struggle for me.

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