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Google Earth

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of Google Earth, then you really should. It needs a decent internet connection to run, but it’s well worth the bother. You can view photographs of the whole of the planet, measure distances, tilt the landscape and do all sorts of good stuff. In most of the industrialised world you can zoom in to a high degree of detail (you can see where our car is parked for instance) but for the developing world things aren’t quite so clear. However, there are a few interesting places where the detail is incredible.

  • A village in Northern Niger: 19°00’11.32″ 12°53’27.37″
  • Elephants in Chad: 10°54’14.55″N 19°56’6.39″E
  • Cattle Herders (are they Fulani?) and their cattle in Chad: 14°33’13.53″N 20°49’27.33″E
  • Huge numbers of hippos in Tanzania: 6°37’44.31″S 31° 8’8.93″E
  • A Landrover on a desert road in Morocco: 27°56’25.36″N 12°17’27.59″W

If you copy the coordinates and then paste them into the search bar in Google earth you can take a virtual tour of Africa – without the malaria. If you know any other good sights on Google Earth, please put the coordinates into a comment. Thanks

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