A Holiday on the South Downs

Forthe last week, Sue and I with our friends Tom and Susan have been staying in a cottage in Sussex having a very relaxing break. The weather was absolutely amazing for late September and we’ve all come back sun tanned – which is a bit of a surprise at this time of year. My experience of Sussex has been more or let confined to Gatwick Airport, so it was rather good to see something more of the county.

Bodian Castle

longmanOver the week we visited a good few historic sites including the wonderful Bodiam Castle. I also enjoyed seeing the Long Man of Wilmington, not least because it allowed us the opportunity for a walk on the downlands which gave us remarkable views. It was a little disappointing to see that the Long Man is now marked out by concrete blocks, rather than being cut into the chalk.

I was less impressed by Standen House. Apparently if you like the Arts and Crafts movement, Standen is the place to be and Susan and Tom loved it. Mind you, even I was impressed by the gardens at Standen – much better than our weed ridden patch of lawn and veggies.

I’ll write a bit more about my new phone in a later post, but I was impressed that I was able to take this photo of some seagulls on Brighton pier.


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