Inspired Translations

I’m reluctant to say anything more about the King James only debate, but this post from Pastor Matthew is too good to ignore:

But to suggest that the King James Version is the inspired and inerrant Bible for the English speaking people is ludicrous. If one wishes to discuss the merits of its translation relative to the other fine (or not so fine) English translations, that is acceptable. But to anoint the KJV as God’s unique revelation to English speakers is to do something that has absolutely no basis theologically, philosophically, historically, or for that matter, logically. Among many reasons are these:

First, such logic must then assume that every language has its own, unique inspired and inerrant translation of the Greek and Hebrew texts. Thus, Chinese and Hindi and the tribal tongue of the Fore people of Papua New Guinea must have their own inerrant and inspired Bible translation. Heaven forbid that Wycliffe Bible Translators produce a second or refined version of the Fore New Testament. They might then be heretical. (read the whole post)

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