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The Rev. Drayton Parslow of Frisby on Soar has weighed in on the King James only debate. Please excuse me if I quote him at some length.

But let us look closer. What does Paul mean when he says “all Scripture”? Does he mean all things that have been called the Bible, including the Vulgate, the Syriac Peshitta and the Good News? I hardly think so. For you know how it starts – a variant manuscript here, a dynamic equivalence here, a disagreement among scholars there and the next thing you know, you don’t know where you are. One slight nuance in translation, or another scroll dug out of a Palestinian hillside, and interpreting the clear and understandable word of God becomes a maze of sophistry and alternatives, like trying to ask someone for only one route out of Milton Keynes…

So our firm belief is that there can only be one authentic Scripture, and that is the King James Version. Of the Masoretic texts and the Textus Receptus that were used to write the Authorised version, we can say they are of secondary value as leading up to the uniquely inspired word. ¬†And of the New International Version, I will say that I use it occasionally – and as a guide only – to see what the King James may be trying to say in its impenetrable and archaic English…

We plan to be the only school outside the United States in which all lessons will be conducted in 17th Century English. Once this principle catches on in other schools around the country, we can expect to see a flourishing of the study of the Word of God unseen since the Good Book itself was written. The NIV will no longer be needed. Men will lay down their Not Really Sexist Versions of the Bible, and read the pure words of the only genuine Scripture once more. Who knows, with the blessings that will be poured out by this return to Jacobean values, we might even get the American colonies back.

I reckon that in his inimitable fashion, Rev. Parslow has just about said all that needs to be said on the King James Only debate. Though I suspect that more will be said – watch this space!

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2 thoughts on “An Inspired Blog Post

  1. I would disagree just as much as you do with some in the ‘KVO’ movement. However, I do find it troubling that the only ‘KVO/TRO’ people ever quoted are the most ridiculous of us, painting an unrealistic caricature of most of those I know.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Paul, but I should point out that this is a spoof, which is why it was filed under humour. The joke may not be to everyone’s taste (humour rarely is) but humour it was. Your term ‘unrealistic caricature’ sums it up perfectly.

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