The Gospel in Different Contexts: Some History

This is a video which was made for the Global Connections conference in November 2009. The conference was a reflection on the way in which mission has changed since the EdinburghMissionary Conference of 1910. In the video I give some background to the idea of contextualisation of the Gospel and also reflect on what it means for us.

Global Connections Conference 09 Contextualisation from Eddie Arthur on Vimeo.

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Thanks for posting this Eddie, I still haven’t managed to download it all (3 attempts so far!) but what I have managed to hear has been great and really helpful. I was listening to an African friend tonight speaking about how adoption was not really recognised here and therefore the importance of the “Born again” analogy. I’ve yet to talk to him about how therefore they take Paul’s “Adoption as heirs”. Great to see and hear you, just wish I could continue the conversation face to face!

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