Computing/Internet Mission

Technology and Mission

The latest example of the Encounters Ezine has just been published on the subject of technology and mission. It includes an excellent article by my colleague Phil on how Wycliffe Bible Translators UK uses social media.

Whether you are a technophobe or a technophile, this edition of Encounters makes for important reading. We have gathered experts in various fields relating particularly to digital media and asked them how technology has and is impacting mission.

They discuss a number of key issues, such as the role of IT in mission, the place and potential of internet-based evangelism, and the vital importance of video for engaging with the current and forthcoming generation of new missionaries and their peers.

We also wanted to illustrate best practice for using ‘social media’ such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs as part of a mission organisation’s activities.¬†A huge thank you is due to Wycliffe Bible Translators for showing how it can be done, and for sharing their¬†thinking behind it. They have also furnished us with numerous examples of individuals on the field who are using these technologies to communicate about their work, with supporters and the wider world. We have no book reviews this edition, so why not check out some of their blogs instead?

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