Leadership Books

Leadership NextI’m working on a module on leadership for my masters and starting a new module means ploughing through lots of books. Over the years, I’ve been exposed to a lot of leadership literature and some of what I had to read for this course was not new. However, there are four books that I’d like to highlight, you can see their details and a brief review on each one in the library section.

Future LeaderThree of the books are written from a Christian background and one is a secular leadership book, though like much of the best secular literature, it embodies a world view that is very much in accord with what the Bible teaches about leaders.

Jesus Driven MinistryWhile on the subject of leadership, there is a very inspiring article on leadership in a military context available here. Again, this is essentially a secular article, but the stress placed on character and integrity would not be out of place on a Christian leadership training course.


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