From Maintenance to Mission

I was looking online for a sermon to listen to today. In the end, I didn’t turn up an audio file, but I strongly recommend this talk by Dave Burke of Bethany City Church in Sunderland. The title tells you all you need to know, it’s about moving churches from maintenance mode into a missional mode. There is a lot of good practical advice here and I’ll be using some of the material in an essay I’m writing on leadership. To give you a feel of the talk, here is a section from the introduction:

In a lively evangelical church it is possible to fool yourself that everything is be fine. So it is hard to move our people to a mission mentality; to put the church on a mission footing – “Why should we”, our people are thinking, “Things are fine in my church”.

The last church survey from Christian Research put the decline of evangalical churches at 17% over the last seven years. Who will be the last Christian in Britain? If it is you, would you put the lights out as you leave?

We can no longer continue without shifting gear from a ‘maintenance’ footing to a ‘mission’ footing. I am going to talk about how we can make that shift, but let’s start with another question…

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