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Following on from this morning’s Solent Gospel Partnership seminar on the emerging church (good job Roger); I thought I’d post a list of a few links that I’ve found useful in following up on this subject. Please feel free to add other links in the comments section. I don’t always agree with everything I find on all of these links, but I’m always stimulated to think and reflect, which is no bad thing.

Incarnational versus Attractional Church. To me, this short piece is one of the best bits of writing on missional church issues that you can find anywhere. I’ve linked to it lots of times, but one more won’t hurt. Hopefully, Hammo will start blogging again!

Another excellent link from the Australian side of things is to these six talks by Michael Frost (yes, I only linked to them a day or two ago!).  They take a while to listen to, but you shouldn’t miss them.

In the UK, Andrew Jones blog is a must read for anyone interested in emerging church issues. He links to just about everything worth reading so it’s worth following him regularly.

I’ve linked to a couple of interesting missional church articles by James Petticrew here.

I’m not sure if Brian Russell would consider himself as belonging to the emerging church, but his writing on a missional reading of the Bible is excellent and deserves a wide readership.

Scott McKnight runs one of the most popular blogs in the emerging movement and is well worth a read.

Emergent Village is possibly the most influential website in the US for the Emergent movement. Emerging Church Info is more or less the British equivalent.

David Fitch’s Great Giveaway site gives a very provocative view of how church should look and function in a post-modern context.

Lastly, these two papers by Dave Burke are not from the emerging church movement, but I reckon they are absolute must reads for anyone who is interested in seeing their church move from a maintenance to a mission footing. From Maintenance to Mission, Turning the Church Inside Out.

This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer be valid. Things change on the web and it is impossible for us to keep up to date with everything.

4 replies on “Emerging/Missional Church Links”

I’ve tried to do some hunting to see what the people in the emerging church movement think about overseas mission. I didn’t find anything. Have you heard much in your reading and listening?

I think the issue is that the emerging church (at its best) sees itself as missionary to the core and they don’t make the distinction (which I regard as artificial) between home missions and overseas missions. Certainly in talking to Andrew Hamilton, I felt we both spoke the same language as missionaries. I am an English Bible translator working in Africa, he is an Aussie church planter working in Australia – but we are both missionaries.

Andrew Jones blog is a good place to see how there is a natural flow between work in the old Christian countries and the wider world.

True, but I wouldn’t thank anyone who talked about me as an overseas missionary either. I’d rather my work were defined in terms of what I do, rather than where I do it.

My African colleagues are not overseas missionaries in any sense of the term, but they are the ones I identify with.

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