Implementing a Missiological Reading in the Church

Brian Russel of Real Meal Blog has an extremely important post on using the Bible missiologically. I’d encourage anyone reading this to take the trip over to Brian’s page now. There is a wealth of good stuff there which is worth reading and meditating on. Just to give you an insight, here is the introduction and main headings of the post:

I am becoming convinced that the Church in the United States and Canada needs to rediscover the centrality of mission if it is to remain faithful in the 21st century. I believe that the recovery of a missiological lens for reading the Bible is a key for shaping a missional ethos among the people of God.

How can such a vision be implemented? I will briefly sketch out four action points that are related to a missiological approach to Scripture:
a) All Christians need to see themselves in light of overarching biblical narrative about God’s Mission.
b) Our own missional reading of Scripture needs to arise out of our own missional praxis.
c) Approaches to Scripture need to be integrated into mission.
d) Christians living missional lifestyles and reading the Bible as the testimony of the mission of God will be interested in asking different sorts of questions of the text.

Go on – read it all.

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