Mission Theology

From Resident Theologian to Resident Missiologist

Brian Russel has an excellent post on the role of the pastor in our post-modern society. I find it very convincing and I’d be interested in your thoughts on what he says.

…the shift from resident theologian to resident missiologist is an explicit reminder that the pastor functions primarily for the sake of the world rather than for the church. Mission must permeate the entire body of Christ—especially its leaders. As pastors move from resident theologians to resident missiologists, they will shift from being only students of Scripture to also becoming students of culture. They will function not only as shepherds of a flock of believers but also more and more as the shepherd who leaves the flock in order to find the lost sheep. Last, they will view themselves less as administrators of institutions and more as catalysts of missional movements.

Images of a Paradigm Shift: From Resident Theologian to Resident Missiologist

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