Middle Class and Middle Aged

Hamo has just posted a radical call to discipleship for people like me. It isn’t comfortable reading, but it is absolutely vital!

I am very conscious of my own selfish desires for more stuff and a nicer house with ocean views and a bigger TV, but I am equally conscious that (while these things aren’t bad in themselves), to actively pursue them is to invest my life in them – to give my heart and my energy to the pursuit of ever increasing personal comfort and security.

And what’s most disturbing is that it feels really normal to do so.

In fact it feels like the script I am supposed to be following even within a Christian community … and to break with it is to be something of a nutjob.

I am concerned by it all and especially by the temptation I feel to just quietly roll with it and accept it as ‘how things are’ these days.

I seriously wonder how we live distinctly as the people of God when we blend in so easily with the world we are a part of. I don’t for a moment think we ought to get more denim skirts and head scarfs to stand out (I’d look pretty silly in a skirt anyway), but I do feel like one of the ways we lose our ‘saltiness’ is by chasing the ‘dream’ and making optional the things of the kingdom and the call that Jesus places on our lives…

We can be lovely, church going people who live decent moral lives and give every appearance of being devout Christians but when the soul is rotting from self obsession then we are kidding ourselves.

That so called ‘radical gospel’ of dying to self and taking up our cross that once inspired us, becomes something that we did as teenagers when we were young and idealistic and didn’t know about how life really works, but it just doesn’t fit with our lives now… (read the whole thing)

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