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Essential Components of a Missional Community

Hamo has made some interesting points on what are the essentials of a missional community. I’d be interested to know what other points you think should be added – but add them to his blog, not mine.

1. For people to know Jesus and experience his salvation in its fullness – kinda obvious?…

2. For the kingdom of God to take root in an area – to seek the welfare of the city as Jeremiah 29 puts it.

3. For people’s dignity to be upheld in the middle of the process – we are not conquerors and colonisers.

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Hi Jim,

sorry to hear about your email. I didn’t make it to Kisumu. Life has rather overtaken me of late and I’m not quite as free to do stuff as I was. More on this in a week or two on our blog.

Hope all is well.

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