Partially Developed Random Thoughts on Preaching

Some random thoughts on preaching and listening to preaching…. Throw away your commentaries. I know this sounds heretical, and I do believe in serious Biblical scholarship, but too often sermons seem to be based on the commentaries and not on the text of Scripture. Yes, ok, preachers do need to keep their commentaries for when […]

Relational Depth and Breadth

Sorry that I haven’t posted much in the last few days, moving house has taken a good deal out of both Sue and I. Anyway, in the absence of any sensible thought from me; I can refer you to this excellent post from Mark Sayers. However today with our tremendous relational breadth, we have little […]

Dignity in Work

I was very moved by the story of the closure of the Tower Pit in South Wales. This is the last deep coal mine in the Wales coalfield and it’s closure marks the end of an era. In a way, it’s hard to be sad at the end of an industry which was physically so […]

At Sea About Evangelism

I’m not sure what is funnier about this story; the story itself, Dave Walker’s comments, or his not entirely related cartoon. What the whole thing does illustrate is the strange view that many people continue to hold about evangelism. The Gospel is about the kingdom of God being experienced by living communities of redeemed people. […]

Essential Components of a Missional Community

Hamo has made some interesting points on what are the essentials of a missional community. I’d be interested to know what other points you think should be added – but add them to his blog, not mine. 1. For people to know Jesus and experience his salvation in its fullness – kinda obvious?… 2. For […]