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Unsolicited Advice One: Explain

It isn’t enough for mission agencies to tell exciting stories about their work. I give four reasons why they should explain why they do what they do – and I make a cheeky comment about preaching.

Why I Rarely Listen To Recorded Sermons

I don’t listen to recordings of sermons. I mean, even when they are playing, I don’t really listen, I do something else as well, and that’s a problem.

Culture is What You Find In A Petri Dish

Culture isn’t just about whether Beethoven is better than Ed Sheeran, it also covers why English people tend to refuse a biscuit to go with their tea until they are asked a second time.

Communicating and Preaching

How often have you heard someone say, “that may be what I said, but it’s not what I meant”? The thing is, language is not a very exact tool for communication and there are loads of pitfalls in… Read More

Preaching is Easy

Yesterday, I was preaching at Newtonbreda Baptist Church in Belfast (you will be able to download the sermons here eventually). It seemed to go well, I was prepared, the people were attentive and the reception was good. In… Read More

Partially Developed Random Thoughts on Preaching

Some random thoughts on preaching and listening to preaching…. Throw away your commentaries. I know this sounds heretical, and I do believe in serious Biblical scholarship, but too often sermons seem to be based on the commentaries and… Read More

Mission in the Twenty First Century: 2. Proclamation

This is the second in a series of posts examining the Five marks of mission; based loosely on Mission in the Twenty-First Century: Exploring the Five Marks of Global Mission edited by Andrew Walls and Cathy Ross. Proclaiming… Read More

Dialogue on Sermons

Tim Chester has just kicked off what looks as though it will be a fascinating series on the place of sermons in church life. The case for the sermon seems to be that it reflects the authority if… Read More

More on Preaching

A couple of months ago I made reference to an article by David Allis which talked about some problems with the traditional model of preaching. David has been kind enough to post a follow up article as a… Read More

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