Some Thoughts On Websites

Some oddities on mission agency websites.

Why I Rarely Listen To Recorded Sermons

I don’t listen to recordings of sermons. I mean, even when they are playing, I don’t really listen, I do something else as well, and that’s a problem.

Let Your Friends Know Where You Are…

I must admit that I was slightly amused this morning by the news that military personnel have been sharing their runs online through the Strava app and have inadvertently leaked the location of secret military bases.

If You Want To Understand Mission, Look At Facebook

Why world mission is like Facebook, but without the cat videos.

A(nother) New Gospel

Recently lots of people got excited about a document which claimed to have an eyewitness account of Jesus performing miracles. But it wasn’t true. The problem is that once we start claiming that internet hoaxes support our Christian faith, then we tie ourselves in all sorts of knots.

Blog of the Year 2011

It’s that time of the year again; the time when I select what is, in my opinion, the best blog of the year. This eagerly awaited award is a bit of a poisoned chalice. Last year’s winner, Onesimus Online more or less went offline as soon as I gave it the award! I’m not sure […]

Bible and Mission Links II

I’m not sure where I came across the link to this, but David Rattigan has an amazing set of New Testament exam questions. Readers of Sellers and Yeatman will recognise the style. Here are a couple of examples. 2. Who did what, to whom, and in what year? Explain your answer. 3. Discuss, in no […]

Blog of the Year 2010

A year ago, in my blog of the year post, I wrote: Is it just me, or has blogdom become rather boring of late? There are lots of blogs out there, but very rarely do I come across anything that makes me leap out of my seat in sheer joy and wonderment. A year later, […]

Bloggers and Posts

John Hobbins has produced an exhaustive list of bloggers who blog on or about the Bible. Take a look, there is bound to be someone you don’t know there who is worth following. Meanwhile, James McGrath has written up the latest Biblical Studies Carnival. This is something that you will want to read even if […]

I am a Twit, You are a Twit, He is a …

Facebook was last year’s big thing but many people are predicting that 2009 will be the year that Twitter goes mainstream. Twitter is a delightfully simple system that allows you to broadcast short (140 character) messages to anyone who is interested in what you have to say. It’s a bit like a Facebook status without […]