Social Media and the Trinity

I always find Gary's Rather Sad Blog to be thoughtful, and not at all sad. His latest post is a fascinating reflection on the Trinity and Social Media. I thoroughly recommend that you give it a read, but here is a short sample to give you an idea of what he is saying. We are … Continue reading Social Media and the Trinity

Relational Depth and Breadth

Sorry that I haven't posted much in the last few days, moving house has taken a good deal out of both Sue and I. Anyway, in the absence of any sensible thought from me; I can refer you to this excellent post from Mark Sayers. However today with our tremendous relational breadth, we have little … Continue reading Relational Depth and Breadth

Email and Walls

Today I sat through an interesting discussion on different ways that busy people can manage their email. There were some good ideas shared and who knows, one day I might even get organised enough to use some of them. Actually, email has not been much of an issue on this trip because internet and email … Continue reading Email and Walls