Social Media and the Trinity

I always find Gary’s Rather Sad Blog to be thoughtful, and not at all sad. His latest post is a fascinating reflection on the Trinity and Social Media. I thoroughly recommend that you give it a read, but here is a short sample to give you an idea of what he is saying.

We are empty without human contact. Even with a wonderful relationship with God we cry out for a companion, a help-meet, an ally, an associate, a loved one, a child. Because we’re made in the Image of God. The God who doesn’t come in a self-contained, perfectly packaged, hermetically sealed One. Who isn’t self-sufficient as One on His Own. Who in his own nature comes as an open, loving, relational Three. Where Father loves Son and Son loves Father, and the love of Father and Son is Godself as Spirit – a love that’s not even locked between Two, but shared out to Three and then out to the many beyond the Godhead.

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