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Nick Norelli has just posted 8 excellent article on the Trinity. They are the work of a number of authors from a variety of backgrounds and if the sample I have read is anything to go by, they will be well worth studying. You can find the links here. The quote below is from Doug Chaplin’s paper on the Trinitarian Grammar of Worship.

To be drawn into communion with God is to be drawn into a relationship, yet it is less what it is commonly referred to “a relationship with God” and much more “a Relationship: that is, God”. The cross of Christ is the ultimate worship (Malachi’s “perfect offering” much loved in patristic Eucharistic theology) of the Father, the place and time at which humanity has fully said the beloved’s loving “Yes” to God. The cross is also the Father’s ultimate mission through his sent Son, the fullest extent of the divine Lover’s outstretched arms. The love between the Father and Son is enacted in history, and through the incarnation humanity is drawn into the beloved’s yes. The death, hatred, and violent division which always threaten the permanence of our human loves are let loose on the divine love, which indeed proves stronger than death. Within time, the Spirit belongs to the new era, because it is only in this historically enacted division of Father and Son by death that the unbreakable unity of the love which was always there becomes clear, and comes into its own. (Yes, I know that needs all sorts of qualifications.)

If you are interested, I will be posting my own dissertation on a Trinitarian Theology of Bible translation in the fairly near future (when the examiners have finished with it).

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