Encounters in London

A couple of weeks ago, Phil and I were heading to a meeting in London, but were running early, so sat outside of a cafe for a coffee. We were discussing something important (or maybe not) when a well dressed American gent came up and asked if we had been to the pub further down the street. I replied that we hadn’t and that we were just as much strangers in this part of the city as he was. It was only when he walked away that I realised that he was Henry Winkler, The Fonz! (Phil had spotted this straight away). So, just so you know it, I’m the guy that the Fonz comes to when he wants a recommendation for a good pub! How cool am I?

Last night, Sue and I met up with a couple of friends at L’Arco, an Italian restaurant in Victoria which is owned by the family of one of our friends. On our way there, we walked through St James’ Park. It was a lovely sunny evening and lots of people were sitting out enjoying the London evening. There were a couple of young women sitting out the the grass with a bottle of wine watching the ducks and swans, which seemed an idyllic way to while away some time. Imagine our amusement to hear one of the women say quite loudly into her mobile phone, as we passed; “I’m on the bus!”.  Err. No, she wasn’t!

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