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Goodbye to the Scholars

Every Sunday evening a group of friends gather at the Dolphin pub in St Denys, Southampton. The Dolphin is a great pub with a good atmosphere and excellent beer and the Scholars are a fine bunch of gents. They quite fit their name being a rather intellectual group (even if they didn’t realise that Dolphins swim in pods, not schools). Whenever possible, I’ve joined the group after church on Sunday evening and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sitting round solving the world’s problems. But now that Sue and I are leaving Southampton, I’ll not be able to make many more scholars meetings. This is just one of the many good things we’ll be saying goodbye to when we move house soon.

The Scholars started meeting while we were in Africa and they’ll continue when we move on. To some extent, this seems to symbolise something about our lives. Having been nomads for most of our adult lives; living and working around the world, we always seem to be on the edges of society. We have lots of great friends, but many of them live in other parts of the world and we always seem to be moving on just as we get to know people and feel at home. Being involved in Bible translation is an immense privilege, but just sometimes, I wish I’d had a normal job and been able to settle down in the same place.

In the picture are David, me (with a pint of Gales HSB), Dave and Steve.

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