Running Report June 2012

We are half-way through the year and I’m half way through my self-imposed challenge to run 750 miles during the year. The last three months have been rather mixed. I’ve had some weeks where I ran well over twenty miles and then a two-week period in Thailand where I didn’t run at all. During our holiday on Skye, I did no long runs, though I did run through some wonderful countryside as you can see from the photo above.

What this means is this:

Target to date: 375 miles
Distance run: 357 miles

In other words, I’m a little over a week behind schedule. I should be able to make this up fairly easily over the next six months as long as my joints hold up. I have noticed that my knees and ankles have been fairly sore of late. I probably need to improve my stretching routine – does anyone have any good suggestions?

In July I hope to take part in the High Wycombe half-marathon and then I’ll be starting to think about preparation for the London Marathon next year (stay tuned for more news about this).

Oh, my running software says that I’ve used up the equivalent of 86 burgers.

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