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Running Report: January

This year, I’ve set myself the rather random goal of running 750 miles. Last year, in a good week, I would run about 15 miles and on a bad week a good deal less. By setting the target of 750 miles, I’m basically committing myself to running 14.4 miles a week – which means that every week needs to be a good week! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it up, but it will be fund trying.

Target to date: 57.7 miles
Distance run: 65.9 miles

So for January, I’m a little ahead of target. This is good because I’ve been at home over January and able to run regularly, for the next three months I’ll be travelling a fair bit of the time and may not be able to maintain a regular running pattern. I would probably have run a little more had I not been fighting a cold which has left me feeling drained in the evenings.

The dark evenings and winter weather mean that I’ve done much of my running through the streets of High Wycombe in the evenings; it’s not as much fun as running cross country, but you don’t run into trees in the dark. On Saturdays, I’ve continued doing 8 or 9 miles most of which is cross country, however, the heavy clay in the Chilterns does make this extremely hard work. When I run in the streets, I average something like ten minutes twenty seconds a mile, but I can easily add two minutes to this when running in mud. I know these times are not very impressive, but I’m not in the first flush of youth and I’m still overweight!

January has been reletively mild for the time of year and snowdrops growing by the roadside are about three or four weeks early by my reckoning. I hope a cold blast in February doesn’t kill them off!

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Eddie, keep plugging away – pace is not everything! Good targets, similar to mine this year – and to be honest, with a decade on you your tenacity and pace puts me to shame! I wimp out of cross country when it’s wet and muddy I’m afraid.

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