Running Report: March 2012

This year I’ve set myself a target of running 750 miles and quarter of the way through, it’s time to take stock again.

Target to date: 187.5 miles
Distance run: 187.8 miles

So, I’m just about a third of a mile ahead of my target. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this. We are now through the worst of the winter weather and the days are getting longer so it should (in theory) be easier to motivate myself to run. In February, I spent ten days in Costa Rica which really ate into my running. I only managed a little over ten miles during that time, most of that on a treadmill. I did have one run on the beach at sunset, but running in the sand in very hot weather wasn’t something I was willing to repeat.

On our return to the UK, I was struck down by a virus which kept me indoors for a while, too.

With the advent of the better weather, I’m going to try and run to and from work from time to time. I’ve often run home from work and quite enjoy it; five miles of nice countryside starting at the top of a hill. Five miles of nice countryside ending at the top of a hill is less attractive! Ah well, let’s see what happens.

My longest run so far has been 10.4 miles and according to my tracking software, I’ve burned 45 burgers.

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