Running Report November

This year, I set myself the target of running 750 miles and over the year I’ve reported on my progress. However, there hasn’t been a report for over four months now and here is my excuse.

In July, I ran in the High Wycombe half-marathon, which I completed with a very disappointing time, but at least my yearly target was well on schedule.

However, a week later, while jogging home from the office, I stumbled on a kerb stone and felt a sharp pain in my foot. Over the next few days, this developed into a rather sore ankle and a nasty case of plantar fascitis. So, for most of the last few months, I’ve not been running very often at all and my target for the year has vanished into the distance. So, no more reports!

I’m now slowly getting back into running, with the hope of running in the London marathon in April. I will definitely have to improve my stretching and warm-up regime if I’m going to stay injury free.

I was reluctant to stop exercising altogether, so I’ve started cycling to work. This was great when I started in August, but it’s less attractive now that the November weather has kicked in. Those of you who know this part of the world can be impressed that I cycle up Dashwood Hill on the A40 first thing in the morning (coming home is much more fun!)

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