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High Wycombe Half-Marathon

It’s been a funny old week. On Thursday I went to Stoke Mandeville hospital in Ayelsbury to have a tooth removed under IV sedation (a long story, involving a very dodgy dentist in Africa). This appointment had been deferred for a few months because last time I went there, my blood pressure was sky-high. This time round, the dentist told me that not only was my blood pressure fine (keep taking the tablets), but also I had lost seven kilos in the last three or four months. I don’t weigh myself very often, so this came as a very pleasant surprise. The reason for the weight loss is that I have been training moderately hard for the High Wycombe half-marathon. Sadly, the dentist told me that it would be unwise to run 13 miles only three days after the sedation and tooth-removal.

However, I’ve been training for this thing for months and wasn’t about to give up now. So, amply aided by pain killers, I ran my first ever half-marathon this morning. I’ve been running ten or more miles at a stretch for a month or so now, so the distance wasn’t entirely new to me. However, I normally run cross-country, which is harder work, but much less jarring to the knees and feet than running on the roads. I completed the race, but most bits of me hurt now!

My target time was two and a half hours and I came in at just a minute or two under that (the official times aren’t out yet). To put things in perspective, that was a little over double the time that the winners crossed the line in. Then again, for a fifty something bloke who is somewhat overweight and had never run that far before, it wasn’t a bad time. That’s one of my goals for the decade achieved.

If you still haven’t sponsored me, now is the time to do so. All of the money raised will go to Bible translation and literacy work in Ghana – so get your credit card out!

Bring on the Great North Run in a couple of months time!

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