Marathon Training: Feb 2013

Nine weeks and one day to go till the London marathon and the training is starting to get serious. I run four days a week; a long run on Saturdays, a gentle 3 mile jog on Sundays to loosen up the muscles and then two four or five mile runs midweek. I also try to cycle to work (have you seen the hill I have to ride up?) as often as I can.

Normally, I run cross-country on Saturdays, partly because it is easier on the knees, but mainly because I like country side. However, it has been so wet over the last few months that most of the Chiltern pathways have turned to a nasty, sticky mess. The North-Eastern word¬†clarts sums it up perfectly. Because of this, I’m now doing my long runs on footpaths. This means I go faster, but it hurts more and is less fun. Then again, I do come across the odd patch of snowdrops (these were by the side of the A4010 just north of Saunderton).¬†Snowdrops 2013

The distances are starting to get serious; next week I have to run 14 miles, which is just a tad further than I have ever run before. I hope my joints continue to hold out.

By the way, if you haven’t yet sponsored me for the London Marathon, now would be a great time to do so.

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