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A Sunday Afternoon Walk

Christmas tends to be a reflective time. After what has been a very hectic year, I’ve found myeslf musing on what our move to High Wycombe from Southampton. To be honest, I’ve been so busy that I’ve hardly noticed where I’m living for the last few months, but witha time of quiet the change has become very obvious.  The main impact is that we don’t have the social and church network here that we had in Southampton where we had lived on and off for 27 years. There hasn’t been a great deal of dropping in for coffee or a glass of wine which we would have expected in Southampton (with the notable exception of the cyclist who rode 50 miles for a cup of our coffee and a cheese sandwich).

However, there are some great aspects to where we live now. In less than ten minutes from our front door we can be into open countryside with miles and miles of pathways to explore. The picture of West Wycombe house below was taken from the woods about a mile from our house (apologies for my shadow)  and the open view a few minutes futher on. We walked for almost five miles this afternoon and despite being less than forty miles from the centre of London, we saw only three other people.



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