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The Goodbye Girl and Boy

Our flat is not in this picture!
Our flat is not in this picture!

Well, today we got news that we have exchanged contracts on the sale of our house in Southampton. After months of waiting for lawyers and estate agents to do their jobs, it’s finally happened. On Friday, a big van will pull up outside of our house and our furniture will be loaded up and put into storage until we can find a house to buy up here. Meanwhile we are living in a flat on the Wycliffe Centre.

It’s almost 27 years since I first arrived in Southampton to work in the University Biology department. Though we’ve moved around a fair bit since, Southampton has always been the place we returned to. We keep close links there now, not least with Above Bar Church, but leaving still isn’t easy.

Still, we can’t complain, we are only moving just over seventy miles and we could even drive down to Southampton just for the evening if need be. Rob and Lois are leaving Benin altogether: they will be in the UK for a year and are then returning to another African country. That’s a lot harder. Read their excellent and very poignant blog post here.

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