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Email and Walls

Today I sat through an interesting discussion on different ways that busy people can manage their email. There were some good ideas shared and who knows, one day I might even get organised enough to use some of them. Actually, email has not been much of an issue on this trip because internet and email access have been intermittent and so I’ve not had to worry about keeping up. However, shortly after that session I received a message from one of the younger members of the family telling me that he had walled someone to ask them a question. At times when I’ve had internet, but not email access, I’ve been able to stay in contact with the family and friends using Facebook.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to send messages to friends by ‘writing on their wall’ hence the hideous neologism of using wall as a verb. However, leaving my reactionary approach to language apart, I have to say that I find ‘walling’ a fascinating way to communicate. I’ve not seem much that is very profound communicated by walling, but as I’ve been away from home the chatty and informal conversations I’ve had with friends via Facebook have been all the more enjoyable.

I rather thought I was ahead of the communications curve by blogging, but it seems that there was a whole world that I didn’t know about. I suspect that now I’ve finally caught up with Facebook that there is something else out there that will soon replace it.

I may have some photos of this trip when I return home, the connection has not been reliable enough for me to blog very much – sorry.

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