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Essential Equipment for Mission

From Tall Skinny KiwiThanks to Andrew Jones for this picture. To think I’ve spent all these years training people in linguistics, anthropology and other stuff, without ever seeing that folding organs could be a valuable aid for mission work. Any ideas of other important things I’ve forgotten?

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5 Comments on “Essential Equipment for Mission

  1. Hello neighbour!! Carol Ann has been wanting to visit your blogspot for sometime but unfortunately has to rely on me to get her online! Have a good time in Congo.

  2. I do know a former missionary family, and I think you know them as well (I’ll tell you who privately), who in the 1990s took a piano to a remote village in the Himalayas, several days walk even from the nearest airstrip. Well, it was an electric piano, so not quite so much work for the Sherpas, but no doubt dependent on solar panels in the village. But they took it not for use in the church which they might have wanted to plant, but I think so that the family could keep up their high level musical skills. And considering some of the things I took to the mission field, I shouldn’t mock them.

  3. Mission work in some places certainly does give the sensation that one’s organs are being folded! I know you have plenty of experience in this Eddie.

  4. I guess once upon a time it was easier for missionaries to get the essential items through Air France security checks.

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